Skull Creek


Major Neighborhoods and Communities in the Skull Creek watershed

  • Hilton Head Plantation (north side)
  • Squire Pope Road
  • Jenkins Road

Marinas: Skull Creek Marina, Schilling Boathouse, Outdoor Resorts Marina
Unique Natural Features

  • Green’s Shell Enclosure is a Native American shell ring along Skull Creek. The low earthen embankment, two to six feet high, dates back to 1300 to 1450 A.D. The embankment, covering two acres,  was once a fortified village built by farmers who used shells for everything from tools to objects used for religious rituals.


Wildlife of Interest

Watch out for manatees. To report an injured manatee in South Carolina please contact the S.C. Department of Natural Resources hotline at 1-800-922-5431.
Check your local Shellfish Status